Advanced Training Plan

Goal - Fat Loss & Muscle Gain. 3 month training plan billed monthly. Push the body to its limits with a focus on working out like an athlete...explosively! Intensity Level - High to Max. Experience Level - High. Equipment Needed - Dumbbells, Strength machines, Barbell, Bench, TRX, Pulley, Kettlebell, Med ball, Pull up bar, Parallel Bars, Exercise ball, Glide discs, Battle ropes, Jump rope, Push sled, Tire, Sledge hammer and Resistance bands. Includes strength training plan, nutrition plan, flexibility plan, pre-workout mobility plans, free app access, supplement guide and mindset principles.

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Start date
Prorato 10/24/2021 till 10/31/2021
$ 12.65
Amount to be paid now
From 11/01/2021 monthly
$ 49.00

3 Months Duration

No auto renewal


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